Dallas Airport Guide to Dallas Fort Worth Airport (DFW)

Train from Fort Worth Airport to Dallas

By boarding the TRE, which stands for Trinity Railway Express Airport Service, it is possible to connect to downtown Dallas Union Station or to Fort Worth ITC Station from CentrePort / DFW Airport Station.

See TRE schedules.


In order to board any of the services described above, the free shuttle between the Remote South parking lot, the airport terminals and DFW Airport Station.

Schedule: From Monday to Saturday. There isn’t service on Sunday.
Frequency: Every 15 minutes.
Price: The shuttle is free to use.


See below the fares:

- USD 2.50: two-hour pass
- USD 5.00: Local day pass (valid for 1 day)
- USD 10.00: Regional day pass

By purchasing the Local day pass, you’ll get unlimited pass within 24 hours on all DART services (buses, rail, and TRE trains between Union Station and Centre Port and DFW Airport) until 03:00 am the next day.

The same conditions are applied in case of purchasing Regional day pass, adding unlimited access the T in Fort Worth and DCTA in Denton County.