Dallas Airport Guide to Dallas / Fort Worth Airport (DFW)

DFW terminal map

Dallas Fort Worth Airport is currently the fourth busiest airport in the world and the second largest airport in the US.

Given those facts, the airport terminals were designed in order to shorten the distance between terminals and also to lessen the traffic around them.

Transfer between terminals

Given the long distances between terminals, it is recommendable to board the Skylink to connect the five terminals with the parking facilities.

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Dallas Fort Worth Airport consist of five terminals which host 171 boarding gates.

The terminals are distributed in a semicircle except for Terminal D, which is a square U shape. They are organized in the following way: TA, TC and TE (to the east), TB and TD (to the west).

Terminals A and B are located facing each other, as well as terminals C and D.

On the other hand, Terminal E is located south of Terminal C, but they are not connected by walkway like the other terminals.

See below related information about Dallas Fort Worth Airport Terminals:

Terminal A

Terminal A exclusively serves American Airlines flights.

Boarding gates: A6-A39

This Terminal connects to Terminal B by B1-39 gates and to Terminal C by C1-39 gates.

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Terminal B

Terminal B is exclusively used by American Eagle.

Boarding gates: B1-B49

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Terminal C

Terminal C is exclusively used by American Airlines.

Boarding gates: C2-C39

This terminal connects to Terminal A by C2 to A gates.

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Terminal D

This is the International Terminal, which hosts all inbound and outbound international flights.

Boarding gates: D5-D40

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Terminal E

From Terminal E depart flights of Air Canada, Alaska, American, Delta, Frontier, JetBlue, Spirit, United and Westjet.

Boarding gates: E2-E38

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Useful information

Passenger Paging hotlines:

- Terminals A & C: +1 (972) 425 480

- Terminals B, D & E: +1 (972) 973 3112